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Guitar Serial Number, Dater, Database, Decoder, Lookup, Search, Manufacture Date Tool History was created to give guitarists tools to enjoy the craft of playing, researching and learning more about their guitars. The Guitar Dater tool is the first planned step in helping guitarists discover historical information about their guitars, like factory and date of manufacture, using the guitar serial number and model number where possible. Dating guitars is can be extremely complex and we're still in the process of building our our database and lookup capabilities so please check back again if your favorite guitar brand isn't listed yet.

Our progress so far :

Martin Guitar Serial # lookup: 99% complete
Martin Mandolin Serial # lookup : 99% complete
Takamine Guitar Serial # lookup: 80% complete
Guild Guitar Serial # lookup : 10% complete

It should be noted that many guitar manufactures don't have complete records themselves so any progress given here are based on what we know we still have to complete for a given manufacturer and may still be missing serial numbers after '100% complete'.

Disclaimer: and don't make any guarantee as to the accuracy or validity of the dating information provided. Our results are presented as a best effort to be correct and missing or incorrect dating information, application bugs, user data errors, etc. can all affect results. Visitors who use this website and rely on any information do so at their own risk.